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The Eldridge Estate (2010)

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The Eldridge Estate
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The story was based on a dream. After writing the script, I got together with 2 primary actors (Vincent Balestri and Eero Johnson) and put together a small crew of Tom Ensign (camera, lighting), Bob Ridgley (sound, boom), Laurel Burke (production designer) and Michael Berg (grip). We added a few production assistants and shot the movie over two evenings. In post, Lars Simkins helped with the (awesome!) effects.

Side story. The location came about at the last second. I had planned to use a 1920s craftsman house that was vacant, but while passing an older French Tudor that I see commonly, I thought, I would love to shoot the film there, and I thought, why not? I stopped and talked with the owner, and within minutes had secured a new location and a friend. The property was perfect for the feel I was looking for.

Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 4.05.07 PM.png


Vince Balestri - Realtor
Eero Johnson - Christian
Rob Brower - Second Buyer

James Burke - writer, director, producer, editor

Tom Ensign - director of photography
Michael Berg - gaffer, assistant camera

Laurel Burke - production designer
Bob Rigdley - sound

Lars Simkins - effects

Fergus O' Fay - production assistant

Chris Hazenberg - production assistant

Benjamin Barton - production assistant

Very Special Thanks to:
Mike and Cis Kennard, Pacific Continental Realty, Binary Recording Studio

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