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Crazy (2004)

23 minutes

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What constitutes being "crazy?" And if you were, would you know it?


My baptism into film was based on these questions, combined with a friend's traumatic past. I found this project to be incredibly rewarding. There was no budget, just friends getting together on weekends to shoot something we all believed in. I am very pleased with the end result.

While scouting for the asylum location, I found instead John Smith, who played the lead admirably. (We ended up shooting the asylum in a vacant Greyhound bus station.) Peter Gabriel agreed to let us use "Mercy Street," off the 1986 album "So" - which fit seamlessly with the somber ending. This film won two awards on the film festival circuit.

Production Stills


John Smith - Charlie

Michael Mitchell - Jack

Nicholas Longo - Ben

Mark B. Polin - Father
Les Shigley III - Young Charlie
James Gillies - Pickup Driver
Heidi Small - Waitress, Present
Lynlee Perrell - Waitress, Past
Les Shigley - Attendant
Pat Dowling - Attendant
Tina Hulverson - Nurse

Wendy Willow - Nurse

Robert Monroe - Cop

Allen Shigley - Father's Friend

Michelle Romag - Diner Patron

Daniel Rucker - Asylum Patient

Jack Samples - Asylum Patient

Craig Trenary - Asylum Patient

Chuck DeLuca - Asylum Patient

James Burke - writer, director, producer, music score, camera

James Gillies - producer, camera

Laurel Burke - production designer, editor
Mike Lyddon - camera

Brett Becker - sound, boom

Thomas Phillips- sound, boom
Michelle Romag - hair, makeup
Bonnie Koster - hair, makeup

Kyle White - grip

Denny Urbanec - driver
Tony Herbert - production assistant

Robert Monroe - production assistant

Jim Carter - production assistant

Tina Hulverson - production assistant

Wendy Willow - production assistant

J.T. Thistle - production assistant
Aaron Perrell - production assistant

Allen Shigley - production assistant

Very Special Thanks to: 
Peter Gabriel and Real World Records for Mercy Street
Diego's Mexican Grill, Tom and Debi Cicchitti, Colophon Cafe, Old Town Christian Ministries, The ReStore, Jim Carter, Rick and Denise Bosman, Esther Muenscher, Bellingham/Whatcom County Visitor's Bureau, Laura Carter, City of Bellingham Police Department, Officer Chris Lease, Officer Mark Young, Lt. Ramsey, Lt. Sucie, The Bagelry,
Rick Decker, James and Stephanie Bell, Owen Carter, Rich Pace, Ian Sargeant, Patrick Feuer, Peter Kuehnel, Wise Guys, Doug Tolchin, Richard Adriance, Todd Schwiesow, 
Fergus O'Fay, Julie Lipsius

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