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Drugs Destroy Families (2014)

2 min 22 seconds

Drugs Destroy Families
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It's never too early to talk with your kids about drugs.

Following a boy from birth to young adulthood, this PSA short shows some of the choices he makes that lead to substance abuse, and the tragic effects it has on his family.

We partnered with the Washington State Health Department  to make this powerful video.

Production Stills



Tabitha Bastien, Jesse Lee Keeter
Boy (youngest to oldest)
Bodhi Flint, Corwin Fuller, Dane Burke, Ryan Burke, Shawn Burke, Reese Barrett

James Burke - writer, director, producer, music score, editor

Domenic Barbero - camera
Tom Ensign - gaffer

Laurel Burke - production designer
Riley Keeton - camera assistant

Tylor Jones - camera assistant

Bob Ridgley - sound mastering

Very Special Thanks to:
Joe Fuller, Amy Hockenberry, Jeannie Hayden, Rika Winquist, Cherish Flint, Hunter Hedwall, Hamblet  Ramirez, Alex Bonesteele, Makena Bonesteele, Stefani Bonesteele, Julia Fleming, Whatcom County Health Department, Bellingham School District, Bellingham Technical College

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