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Cat's Play (2006)

20 minutes

Cat's Play
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This story is based partially on a true story that was shared with me as a child.  It stuck with me into my adult years, until I turned it into this script - with a twist. We shot for five days in Phoenix, and for a day in Bellingham, Washington. Vincent Balestri, the lead, wanted the challenge of playing a main character who never utters a word. He studied silent films to prepare for the production. The cat (Bungee) was trained by Laurel Burke, who also did a wonderful job as the production designer. What appears onscreen as one house was actually shot at four different houses, in two states.

Production Stills


Vince Balestri - Human

James Allen - Game Show Host

Hashim Talic - Newspaper Boy

James Burke - writer, director, producer, music score, co-editor

David Jones - camera
Steve Rideau - assistant camera

Pat Shellenberger - gaffer

Laurel Burke - production designer, cat wrangler

Tim Schulze - still photographer

Clint Goldwater - jib operator

James Gillies - production assistant, behind the scenes footage

Tom Ensign - additional camera

Rich Monroe - editor

Bill Simpkins - sound

Eric Chauvin - visual effects

Franci Allen - animator

Andrew Park -  animator

Gernot Kalcher -compositing 
Mike Lyddon - 2nd unit camera

Bob Bender - 2nd unit editor

​Domonique Herrin - 2nd unit production assistant

Very Special Thanks to:
Mary Ann Burke, Don Steuter, Mike Tatum, Mahmuljin Family, Jim Darling, Scott Dupras, Reel Men, EditMax, Cherie Rhind, Fergus O' Fay, Ben Schulze, Reda Tipton, The ReStore, Chad Del Rosa, Bob Ridgley, Allen Shigley


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