Lucky Them                            Featured Extra            Megan Griffiths

21 & Over                              Featured Extra            Scott Moore

Grassroots                             Featured Extra            Stephen Gyllenhaal

Morons Say What?                  Lead                          Paul Eisenbacher

Playfish                                 Supporting                 Jullian Sueski

Day Labor                              Supporting                 Brendan O’Neal

Trapezoid                              Lead                          Sam Starbucks


Western Washington Honda    Lead

US Airways – Barclay              Featured Extra

Swedish Medical Center          Lead

Diamond Wireless                  Lead

CenturyLink Commercial          Lead

Grimm (S.1Ep2)                     Featured Extra           

New Day Northwest                Model

A Guy Like Me                       Lead   


Inspecting Carol                      MJ                             Bellingham Theatre Guild

Christmas Trilogy                    Samantha/Karen          Peninsula Players Theatre     

The Vagina Monologues           Narrator                      Stage One Theatre

Love Labours Found                Queen Cloe                 Global Production Company

White Christmas                     Judy Hayes                 Spokane Civic Theatre

Steel Magnolias                      Shelby                        Spokane Civic Theatre

Much Ado About Nothing          Hero                           Ignite Theatre

Moon Over Buffalo                  Various                        Interplayers Theatre

Singin in the Rain                   Dancer/Chorus              Spokane Civic Theatre

Captive Audience                    Laura                          Ignite Theatre

A Christmas Carol                   Mrs. Fred                     Spokane Civic Theatre

Lily, The Felon’s Daughter        Marie                          Ignite Theatre

Training: Auditioning for the Camera - Jodi Rothfield,  Sword Fighting Basics - Julie Bragg, Playwrights Forum Festival - Megan Cole, Stage Combat - Bryan Durbin, Dialect Coaching - Ann Whitman, Comedysportz Improv - Kasey K, Adult Acting 101 - Spokane Civic Theatre, Acting Techniques - Brooke Bailey

Skills: Dance- Argentine Tango (adv), Salsa (adv), Tap (adv), Jazz (beg), East Coast Swing (beg) Waltz (beg) Accents- British (BBC), French (standard,) Southern, Valley Girl, American Sign Language (beg), Improv (beg) Piano, Clarinet, X-Country Skiing (beg)



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