Delbert Fink         “An Evening of Culture”          

Sidney Carlton/Jacob Marley     “Inspecting Carol”             

Mason/Counselor Griffin           “What About Those Promises”

Pop Williams                          “The Pajama Game"

Henry                                    "The Fantastics" 

Postmaster/Chorus                  “Damn Yankees” 

Gustav                                   “The Christmas Schooner”  

Victor Le Pewe                        “Drop Dead”  

Lt. Brannigan                          “Guys and Dolls”   

Dr. Von Sochokey/Edward Markley      “Radium Girls"

Reader/soloist                         “Believe: A Christmas Treasury” 

Rev. Merryweather/Elwood         “A Party To Murder”

Dexter Holly                            “The Importance of Being Uncle Roscoe”

Horace/Mr Nicholas Michael       “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” 

Mr. Lundie                               "Brigadoon"

Sir Selsdon Piddock                  “A Dickens’ Christmas Carol”  

Vernon Cookley                       “Exit the Body” 

Mordcha                                 “Fiddler On The Roof"

Bellomy                                  "The Fantastics"  

Edgar/Abel                              “The Murder Room”  

Neville Smedley                       “Christmas Cactus”  

Hugh Lawton                           “Murder On The Rerun”   

Gary Winters                           “Dream World”

Ben                                        “Who’s On First?” 

Whit                                       “Of Mice And Men” 

Toby Trollope                           “The Scandalous Adventures of Sir Toby Trollope"

Constable/Conductor                "The Music Man" 

Horace Sheppard                     "The Cat's Away" 

Kris Kriegle                            "Sorry! Wrong Chimney" 

Doc                                       "West Side Story" 

Caesar Rodney                        "1776"                          

Mr. Jansen                              "Love, Sex and the I.R.S." 

Grandpa                                 "You Can't Take It With You"  

Hannibal Hix                           “Any Number Can Die”  

Mordchai                                 “Fiddler On The Roof"

Michael Flynn                          “After Easter” 

Alex Gal                                 “Rough Crossing”  

Tinker                                    “The Tinker"

Scanlon                                  “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” 

Dr. William Chumley                "Harvey"

James Clayton                        "Home For Christmas" 

Matthew Cuthbert                    "Anne Of Green Gables"

Dr. Grimwig                            "Oliver"

Geronte                                 "Scapino"

Eddie                                    “6 Rms Riv Vu” 

Ed Devery                              "Born Yesterday"  

Ed Mosher                              "The Iceman Cometh" 

Nohjum, the Beggar                "Fiddler On The Roof" 

Peter Torkelson                      “I Remember Mama”         

Marcel                                   “The Boy Friend” 

Mortimer                                "The Fantastics" 

Horace Giddens                       "The Little Foxes" 

Old Man                                 “Tingalary Bird” 

Mr. Hawkins                            “Peg O’ My Heart” 

Peter Pan                               "Peter Pan" 

Tairesius                                "The Bacchae" 

Littlechap                               "Stop The World, I Want To Get Off"

Fabian                                   “Twelfth Night”

Humphrey                               “See How They Run” 

Witherspoon/Gibbs                  “Arsenic and Old Lace” 

Stevens                                 "The Tavern" 

Servant                                  “The Rivals” 

Chuck                                    "Dirty Old Man" 

Frances Flute                          “A Mid Summer Night’s Dream” 

Jurist                                     “Trial By Jury” 

The Commedians: Touring Shakespearean Theatre throughout the Pacific Northwest (4 years)


“An Evening of Culture”  

“Christmas Schooner” 

“Drop Dead” 

“Believe: A Christmas Treasury” 

“A Party To Murder” 

“Something’s Afoot” 

“The Importance of Being Uncle Roscoe” 

“Box and Cox” 

“The Contest” 

 “A Dickens’ Christmas Carol”  

“Exit the Body” 

“An Evening of Culture” 

“The Murder Room” 

“Naomi In The Living Room”

“Domestic Companions”  

“Christmas Cactus” 

“Murder On The Rerun”

 “Dream World”

“Who’s On First”   

“The Scandalous Adventures of Sir Toby Trollope” 

“Any Number Can Die”

"The Cat's Away" 

"Behind The Door" 

"Sorry! Wrong Chimney"

"Said The Spider To The Spy" 

"Hot Property"  

"Love, Sex and the I.R.S." 

"A Bad Year For Tomatoes" 

“I Never Sang For My Father” 

Television and Film

6/2014   Hand Crank Films Smart Phone Watches

3/2014   Swedish Hospital Cancer Ward Shoot - Vince Werner, Director

2/2014   “All The Ghosts” Gallowbird - music video –Micah Knapp, writer/director

6/2013   NOET for Logos - Ruebin Evans, Director

5/2013   Promotional shoot for St. Joseph’s Cancer

4/2011  Café Oblivion – George – Sue Mattson, Director

3/2011   The Diner – EMT –Sue Mattson, Director

3/2010   Felt Chuck DeLuca, Director

4/26/2000 - Public Service Announcement for United Way

1974 - Idea Thing - a KWSU Television Production, Washingtion State University (2 shoots)

Voice:  Second Tenor 

Special Abilities & Training: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre, Washington State University



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